current projects

The projects presented here are currently being "processed". That means that I'm really active here and there are always new things. Since I work on these projects at the same time, it is possible that nothing happens to you, because I am working on another field. You may to ask for the status if you are interested.


XOno - Renovatio

an update

by Frank Wilker

You will receive:

  • why???
  • which changes
  • technology
  • complete building instruction
  • downloads
Here we go!

battery PSU

not only for XOno

fully automatic battery power supply

by Frank Wilker

You will find here:

  • why is that?
  • requirements
  • technical description
  • Assembly and tests
  • installation in a housing

Muses 72320

High End Poti

World's best poti?

by Frank Wilker

You'll find here:

  • Do you need this?
  • Technique and explanation
  • Software
  • Assembly and tests
  • Installation
Come in!

Available projects

Here you will find already completed projects

These projects were all built and checked by me. I have tried to document them as understandable as possible. A reproduction should not be a problem. Under the downloads you can find the complete project documents. Possibly there are also remaining boards available. If you need further information, please mail me.

phono preamplifier

in tube technology

His Master´s noise

by Stuart Yaniger

You will find here:

  • Power supply
  • Assembly of the power supply board
  • Assembly of the motherboard
  • Tests and commissioning
  • Installation in the housing

phono preamplifier

in Transistor technology

XOno - new cloned

by Pass Labs / Wayne Colburn

There's one here:

  • MC/MM phono preamplifier
  • Realization in small steps
  • Mounting of the circuit boards
  • Tests and commissioning
  • Housing construction
Go for it!

?Coming Soon?

  • Feb 03, 2019

Preamplifier in High-End

a directly heated triode........... combined with modern electronics like css, µ-follover and coleman regulator?

MusicAngel 845
  • Oktober 25, 2018

Music-Angel 845

It has been standing around for a long time, waiting for a "NEW" conversion.

MusicAngel 845
  • August 20, 2018

KT 150 in SE technology

enough power and not as elaborate as an 845?

  • September 12, 2017

Replikon revitalized

my search was succesful


Do you have any ideas? suggestion?

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