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realized by Frank Wilker - 22.09.2019
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How I met the Tubes

I don't know exactly anymore myself. Even in my earliest youth, I was doing handicrafts with everything that somehow had to do with electricity. When my friend was given an electronics kit, this addiction was probably deeply rooted in me. My uncle worked for the public utilities, dealing with tubes. But of course they were much too uncool for us. We had one transistor!!!

Then the education and the female sex got in the way of my passion. At the same time, I was making mopeds, cars and motorcycles, so that my passion for electronics was temporarily lost.

Of course I was known as a hobbyist (or notorious) by my colleagues. One day a colleague (Michael, remember) came and asked me if I could build something like this. This "something like that" showed the inner workings of a SE power amplifier with 6C33C. He had found the picture on Jogis Röhrenbude.

After I had briefly described to him the effort of such an amplifier, he quickly rejected the thought again. He yes, not me! I studied Jogi's side until excess, hours, days, weeks...if not longer.

First I spontaneously bought an old Geloso amplifier with 2 pieces EL156. The thing did, but the sound wasn't really great and Mono wasn't that bad either. This moved me to start my own projects.

There were a few more. EL503, PCL86, KT88, EL34, EL156 etc..... My big favorite (and still is today) was the 6C33C. I think I'm losing myself right now.

In any case, I was now tube-infected and twenty years later this page was created (I know I'm currently listening with a digital amplifier).

Why this site?

Over the years my handicrafts became more and more professional. There were a lot of waste products. At first all the stuff just stood around. Then it became more and more and my wife got a funny look, when she looked in my room.

So I offered some of my "stuff" at the biggest auction house in the world. In fact, some of it was ripped from my hands.

Other things, on the other hand, remained lying there, which often surprised me and also annoyed me, as they were often very high-quality things were acting.

Through this and also especially through my research and contact with other DIYers I noticed then how much misinformation and ignorance in the net. Fortunately, there is another way. This is also a reason for this page.

Since it was always my intention to build up all projects twice (this was the only way I could make sure that I would be able to work with) I always had enough leftovers that could be sold.

At least I was able to earn a few DM/Euro, which I then of course put into new projects. But this also meant that I was (or had to be) able to help the "happy" new owners of my sales, which, of course, I did willingly and with pleasure.

I have to admit that it was through these contacts that I gained a lot of knowledge. Often I was able to benefit from these new contacts.

Since this support has grown considerably in the last few years, I have taken this page to offer a support that 1. is always available and 2. does not burden me as much (wishful thinking).

Information and more

Please do not demonize immediately, if information is not displayed correctly or should even be wrong. I do try to check all the information. Nevertheless, mistakes can of course occur.

Rather, I would be happy about constructive criticism and of course let it flow into this website. I always wonder about these forums, in which someone is immediately struck when someone asks a question that is obviously easy for some participants to answer.

My intention is to share information and projects here. Small things that can have a big impact.

These things that you might (if at all) just happen to come across. Or information that saves you tedious test series and experiments.

And information that the inclined reader contributes to this page. We will see what comes together here.


Here you can see projects that I have completed, or projects that I am planning or currently working on.

I would also like to encourage you here to tackle a more complex project.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about projects or more. However, I ask for a little patience, because I am not a professional and I do this as a hobby.

I hope you understand.

Anyone who has purchased stuff, circuit boards or similar from me will of course get help until the project is working properly.



Frank Wilker

My thanks go to all the many helpers who helped to create this site!

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